Zucchini Pasta


Zucchini pasta is a really good alternative to a bowl of pasta.  Sometimes a pasta alternative is a good thing especially when it’s a vegetable and tastes delicious!


There are all kinds of options for a kitchen tool that will turn your veggies into noodles.

I have a really cool vegetable spiralizer that is really convenient for this and I do recommend it.  You can use it to spiral up any fruit or vegetable.  Also cuts perfect apple chips, sweet potato fries, cucumber for cucumber salad, and much much more.  I got mine on amazon Click here to see what I use


I have also seen other tools to make your veggies into noodles that may be good too.  This option is a bit cheaper and takes up less space in your kitchen cabinet: Click here for another option


Just find what works for you.



Wash your zucchini (keep peel on) and spiral those babies up!  It’s really fun to spiral veggies!  The kids love this type of thing so it’s a great way to get them in the kitchen and excited about veggies!

spiral zucchini

I use 3 zucchini for my family of 4 and it’s the perfect amount

Boil some water just like you would for pasta and toss the zucchini strands in the boiling water.

Boil 1-2 minutes.  It’s fast.  Not too long because they will get mushy.

Strain out the water.


The spiralizer I use makes the noodles really really long… like the whole zucchini worth,  So use some kitchen shears and make a few cuts in the pile of noodles to make them a bit shorter.

Sprinkle garlic salt and pepper to taste on the zucchini noodles and mix seasonings throughout.

Top with tomato sauce, chicken, mozzarella, parmesan, etc just as you would to any pasta dish.