Pina Colada smoothie


What’s more refreshing in the summer heat than a pina colada?  It’s pretty dang hot here in Las Vegas in the summer which leads me to crave refreshing tropical drinks like pineapple-coconut goodness!

Here’s a recipe for a pina colada (virgin) that is refreshing and healthy! Win!



1 cup frozen pineapple

½ cup unsweetened coconut milk

½ tsp. coconut extract

Blend up and enjoy!



Tropical Tofu Smoothie

We don’t eat a ton of meat in our house, so we really pay attention to protein intake and get it other ways…. one way to get some extra protein is adding tofu to smoothies.  Yes… TOFU!  I have never really been into the protein powder so we use tofu instead!  I promise you wont even know it’s there!  You can use the “silken tofu”.  It’s soft, blends well, and makes the consistency of the smoothie really yum.  Try it.  You won’t taste it and you will feel great!

This is the brand that you can’t taste (You can even get it from Walmart in the produce aisle for under 3 bucks)

Organic Silken Tofu

Oh yah… and you can always add spinach to smoothies too because why turn down an opportunity to get a little extra spinach in the day. Can’t taste the spinach either… promise!!



You can add tofu and spinach to any smoothie really… this recipe is just a good place to start.  Once you realize how easy and good it is to add it to smoothies, you will be hooked!


Tropical Tofu Smoothie:

1/2 C orange juice

1/4 C almond milk (coconut milk would be awesome too!)

1/2 C frozen mangos

1/2 C frozen peaches

1/4 C silken tofu

1/2 banana

handful of spinach

handful of ice

*opt: 1/4 C cold water if it’s a bit thick

Throw it all in the blender! and blend away!


Let me know what you think!