Choose the Four Quarters – Having Quality in Life


Think about those people in your life that are truly by your side.  Those people who you know have your back no matter what, and you can completely be yourself around.  Those are quality relationships… and yes, I’ll take 4 quality relationships over 100 acquaintances any day!

This got me thinking about quality in life and how much more fulfilled we are when we have it in our lives.

I have recently made a huge change in hopes to simplify and find more quality in my life.  I was in a well-respected position at work.  This was definitely satisfying, but it left me with a shortage in time and energy for the things and people who really matter. Once I really realized this, I decided to focus on simplifying my life and I ended up quitting that job.  This has helped me to seriously realize how much more fulfilling a day is when it is filled with quality things (like snuggling and singing songs together outside with my 4-year-old unexpectedly in the backyard) rather than quantity (like getting my whole to-do list complete in one day).

Believe me, I feel pretty dang amazing when my to-do list is complete, but at the end of the day, it’s those quality things that bring joy.

I’m not suggesting anyone quit their job.  That was a necessary step for my path, but what are steps towards more quality in your life? This can be applied to so many aspects and scales of life.  Think about the quality of your relationships, your food, your time spent, your exercise, etc.


Some examples of ways (big and small) to add more quality in life:

Make quality food choices:  Make your food enjoyable!  Skip the calories on the food you may eat just because it’s there.  Choose nutritious foods that your body needs.

Get quality exercise:  Do exercise you really enjoy.  Twenty minutes of bust-your-butt exercise can be better than an hour of lollygagging at the gym (we’ve all seen it)

Have fun: Build a fort with your family in the living room rather than having a perfectly clean living room.  Who remembers a perfectly clean living room a week from today… but you and your family will remember the fun you had building forts together.

Spend your time wisely:  We are not promised tomorrow.  Choose what you do with your time today doing things that matter with people who matter.


Consciously choose the paths that bring you true fulfillment and joy.