Chicken broth in the crock pot

Do you ever get the grocery store rotisserie chicken?  When you are running all day and haven’t even thought about dinner, or you have spent all day cleaning and want to cry with the thought of dirtying your kitchen to make dinner, those things are kind of a lifesaver.

When all the meat is gone.. what do you do with the carcass??  Do you just throw it away?  That is what I used to do…. But now I use it to make chicken broth… and you should too!

Yes… I said make chicken broth…

I used to roll my eyes, or think yah right, or just blow off the idea of making chicken broth, but just hear me out.  You already have the ingredients and it’s almost no work.  Why not!?  You will save a bit of money and it’s kind of cool knowing you made your own chicken broth and being oober resourceful!


Pull off any skin or meat from the carcass.

Throw that whole carcass into the crock pot just the way it is.


Look in your fridge to see if you have any of the following:



2 chopped carrots, 1 chopped onion, 2 chopped celery stalks, 1 chopped cabbage, 1 minced garlic clove

Other things you can add if you have it:

2 bay leafs,small handful fresh thyme, small handful fresh parsley, 1/2 tsp. peppercorn


Use whatever you have **whisper: if you don’t have any of it, still make your broth!  Or if you just neeeeed to have something specific in there, put the carcass in a baggie and place in fridge until you have all of the ingredients your heart desires to make your broth**

Chop up what you have, and pop in the crock pot with the carcass

Fill crock pot with water to cover everything about an inch (some stuff will float like pictured below)








Put lid on and turn onto low.


Now go live your life…


12-18 hours later, strain broth into bowl using cheesecloth or a flour towel to get all those tiny particles out.  I have purchased cheesecloth from health food stores, the dollar store, and even Home Depot (in the paint isle).  You could also use a flour towel as long as the towel is porous enough that it will act as a strainer and liquid will be able to sift out

Taste and you can add some salt to taste now if you’d like…

Put in airtight container













You can also portion into 1 cup worth baggies or containers and freeze for easy measuring when you are ready to use.  Make sure to label and date.








You can refrigerate and use within 5 days.

You can freeze and use within 6 months.

Now look at you thinking about being all resourceful, saving money, and making chicken broth! 😉