Fifteen reasons why working out is the bomb!!!

You know that feeling after you have completed a work out??  That feeling like “why the heck don’t I do this more often!”  We all need reminders why we should get up at the crack of dawn, or head to the gym after work instead of to our couch, or use that golden nap time to squeeze in our exercise.  Here are some reasons why working out is the bomb!

  1. You prove your ability to yourself
  2. You can set goals and experience achievement
  3. You release stress relieving endorphins
  4. There is no feeling like the feeling of a completed work out!
  5. You get stronger
  6. You crave healthier foods
  7. You sleep better
  8. Your heart is healthier
  9. You have energy
  10. You will never wish that you didn’t work out
  11. You burn calories!
  12. You get sunlight (yes to vitamin d!)
  13. You are happier
  14. You are proud of yourself
  15. You inspire others


What makes YOU put on those running shoes??



Thoughts? They are encouraged :)

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