Making Health Tangible

As long as I can remember, I have been interested in health, fitness, nutrition, exercise, etc. I am always looking for a new idea, healthy recipes, workout ideas, or inspiration. Over the years, I have followed many bloggers, websites, instagramers, facebookers, etc… and I have gotten so much inspiration from them. It can be easy to feel a bit intimidated when searching for healthier options when it seems there is so much focus on eating gluten free, paleo, whole 30, doing crossfit, sprouting your bread, homemade EVERYTHING, and recipes with ingredients you definitely do not have on hand.

I want to share tangible ways to make positive changes for your health today. I believe that small changes today can add up to big changes tomorrow. Anyone can make a change today for a positive outcome in the future. I have always strived for a whole body approach that is not any labeled diet or workout. I believe in listening to your body and acting accordingly. Be in tune with your body… it will tell you what it needs. I hope to encompass a mind, body, spirit approach to help improve health and wellness as it is truly is a journey.

If you have any questions or requests on topics, please comment below or email me at


Thoughts? They are encouraged :)

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